The Oklahoma city music and art festival are a must see a festival that lasts for three days.  Our team spent a year in making a festival that can finally offer many great music talents, and art hopes. The whole festival started as a gathering of local artists and musicians in the local café, but today we’re proud to announce that the small project developed in big music, and art festival.

The festival will offer you many music genres and have art installations by many artists. You will enjoy in many lights and colors, sounds, and visuals effects that will bring you a new experience and adventure.  You can relax while listening to indie rock bands, as well as the rock artists.

Located in the Bicentennial Park, this festival will satisfy all of your senses and for sure, you will come back the next year. We offer you multiple stages with many artist and musicians that start from the 15pm and are playing and entertaining you till the next mornings.

We believe that you do not want to miss this great magical journey, and that is why we are inviting you to join us for the first TALOA – Music and Art festival. Be a part of us.

For any information and help needed, you can contact us here.