OKLAHOMA CITY is simple the best

Oklahoma City is the largest city and a capital city of the Oklahoma state. The Oklahoma’s population is about 1,358,452, and that is why Oklahoma is the largest metropolitan area in this country. Oklahoma City is surrounded by the Cleveland, Canadian and Pottawatomie counties. This city is the eighth-largest city in the US. Oklahoma City has a humid subtropical weather and is often in a fight with many tornadoes and high winds. This town offers many colleges like the Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City Community College and the University of Central Oklahoma. Oklahoma City also offers several public technology and career education schools that are connected with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. This education Center includes the Francis Tuttle Technology Center and the Metro Technology Center.


This town is rich natural gas, with oil, natural gas, and petroleum, and that is why Oklahoma City is very popular and often visited by many people. This city is located in the center of the oil fields and due to that has a great economy status. This city was founded in 1889 and is rich with history.


Oklahoma City has many museums and theaters to offer to their visitors. Oklahoma City Museum of Art attracts many visitors during the year because it offers many live exhibits, teacher shows, and movie festivals. Civic Center Music Hall is an opera house that offers many ballets, musicals, operas, Broadway shows and many concerts during the year, as well. Other famous theaters are the Poet Theatre, Lyric Theatre and Kirkpatrick Auditorium and the Jewel Box Theatre. Other famous museums that you should visit while staying in the Oklahoma City are The Science Museum Oklahoma which has many great items about science, aviation, and other similar features. The Museum of Osteology has many real animal skeletons from all over the world. The Oklahoma History Center is the history museum and is located in the center. The museum is open since 2005. It maintains the whole history of the Oklahoma City that shows the Oklahoma’s whole history, during many centuries.


Oklahoma City has over 50 beautiful, and with history fulfilled, attractions that can satisfy any visitor. From the Western Museum, the National Cowboy, and the Myriad Botanical Gardens, too many live Music and Art festivals. This city can offer you anything you cherish, from the great shopping to many restaurants with the home cuisine, and exclusive hotels. This city is great for everyone. It is creative, rich with history, offers you many great features. Do not forget to visit the Old West and the historic Bricktown. You can entertain yourself in the Remington Park or enjoy in a historic Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Memorial Institute that can offer you a great peace of American’s and Oklahoma’s history. This town is a center of culture, history, art, and entertainment. And it would be a pity that you don’t pay a visit to this historical, but yet, modern, with oil-rich, town.

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