How to have fun in Oklahoma City by night?

It’s well known that every person likes to have some fun especially when one is a tourist. Sightseeing is always an interesting choice. One learns something new about the history and culture of the city, but when the night comes everyone wants to relax.  Whether it is trying some local specialties, dancing all night long or something else; in Oklahoma City tourists will definitely find something interesting and match for ourselves.


Pick your district!


Depending on personal preferences, there are four big areas in Oklahoma City to have some interesting night: Bricktown, Deep Deuce,  Automobile Alley, and Downtown.


Bricktown is the main one.  When in search for party music, Dollhouse and The Criterion club shouldn’t be missed out. In Dollhouse people are able to dance the night away and see a burlesque show as well.On the other hand if one is more interested in listening and dancing to the live music of various genres The Criterion is the right place to be. Sometimes after a long day, all that we are craving for is just to chill. In Bricktown, there is one of the oldest restaurants called The Mantel. Perfect for eating fresh seafood and toast with a glass of wine. For beer lovers, Tapwerks is the place to be.

Deep Deuce is known as a jazz part of Oklahoma City. So if jazz is ”your cup of tea” in this district you can’t go wrong. Especially on Tuesday because Slaughter’s Hall will cheer every jazz fan with live jazz concerts. Deep Deuce Grill and Urban Johnnie are marvelous places to enjoy some good food after having fun in Slaughter’s Hall.


Automobile Alley was once recognized because a lot of car business had their buildings there. Today these buildings are converted into drinking and dining bars. The most popular winery there is Water’s Edge Winery.  Quite unique because wine is made by using grapes from all parts of the world. If the weather is nice one can sit outdoor in cocktail lounge Sidecar or just go nearby and eat some steak in locally largest restaurant Broadway 10.


Finally, if you want to take some good photos of Oklahoma City by night you should go to Downtown and visit Vast’s bar located on the 49th floor of the Devon Tower… the view is just stunning. If it’s summer don’t miss magical Myriad Botanical Gardens.



Something  for festivals lovers


If you want to be a part of a great festival just buy a one-way ticket to the Oklahoma City.

2016 is about to end but if you hurry up you can still see the Chickasa Festival of Lights (Nov 25-Dec 31, 2016) at Shannon Springs Park. If you are there on Dec 3th go to the Chickasa Festival of Lights and there you can see and try different kinds of honey on the Minco Honey Festival. Festivals in December will be inspired with Christmas spirit. I recommend you to pay attention to Taola Festival is whose popularity is growing every year.

Whenever you go to Oklahoma you’ll have a good time. Enjoy the moment especially the ones that OKC nightlife brings!

Where to go out in Oklahoma City